Saturday, April 16, 2005

Only Myself to Blame

A new found determinism has compelled me to start making entries in my blog again. In part I blame World of Warcraft (WoW) for my lazy streak, but I know it's just me. Recently I've learned there are two dominate sides to my psyche; Geek and Gamer. A good game can totally take over and leave the geek on the sideline. Now that WoW has been out for a few months I find myself looking for new things to do. Not that I'm totally giving up on WoW. In fact here are some links to my character profiles. Notice the distinct naming scheme.


In other news I made my contribution to Trek United today. The idea is, if there are a million viewers willing to donate $36, then they would have enough money to have Paramount make an Enterprise Season 5. The site says that if it doesn't work out they will return all the donations; I figure, worst case scenario, I'm out thirty-six bucks. On the plus side I get to say I was apart of something truly ground breaking and history making. This is the first time there has ever been a fan biased organization that raised millions of dollars for a TV show.
While I'm on TV shows, Red Dwarf Season 5 & 6 came out on DVD here in the states. Naturally I picked those up as soon as I could. Maybe I'm a dork, but nothing pleases me more than getting a new Red Dwarf DVD and placing it on the shelf in numerical order with the rest. Well, it will be another long while before I get that pleasure again. Season 7 & 8 aren't supposed to be released for Region 1 until February of 2006.

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