Monday, April 18, 2005

Plants and Proteins

Recently I thought I'd try my luck at growing plants. I enjoyed carving pumpkins last Halloween, so the only thing I could think to grow was pumpkins. Unfortunately I did my homework on how to grow pumpkins after I had the seeds potted and growing. Pumpkins probably won't stay in a pot. My current theory is to make the pumpkins grow as fast as
possible so that when the vine looks for another spot to root I can span the vine between an indeterminate number of pots. Hopefully, once the vine is spread out among a pot or three, I can keep it pruned so that the vine will produce at least one or two good pumpkins.

I'll wait and see if I have a green thumb or not. If not I'll try my hand at cactus.

Today I also noticed Team Meatsock hit 2,300 work units. That puts our over all rank at 670 out of 37,543.

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