Friday, August 31, 2012

I made a button!

It has always been interesting to me how web design and web development are so closely related yet so different. Usually if someone is good at one, they are not so hot at the other. Maybe it's a left brain/right brain issue. Maybe it's something vastly more complex. Personally I believe it is a matter of time. If I focus all my energy in development, my knowledge of design diminishes; and vice versa. Granted people will always find one easier than the other, but like with all things the more you do it the better you get (even if it doesn't come to you naturally).

I leave a lot to be desired on both design and development. I like the programming side more, but the more I learn the dumber I feel. The design side is pleasing because the results come so quick, though my color picking skills are still at a kindergarten level. All that being said; I made a button!

Edit: I know it doesn't work right in IE. Tough.

Buttons should be simple. This one is done all in HTML and CSS. There are millions of tutorials already on the web about how to make a button. Mine follows my thought process, and it just might be the key to help someone make their own button.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Beyond Spell Check

It's no secret my spelling is down right atrocious. I could argue the heavy use of spell checkers in most programs these days have made it easy for me to not focus on learning how to spell. I could argue that, but I'm not because there is no good excuse. An interesting development I have picked up on is I can almost create a complete list of words I can't spell because I've seen them with the red squiggly so often. In fact here is a short list of some in their raw form (yeah let's just totally point out how dumb I am):


The point of this post is not to point out how dumb I am. The point is I was typing in Google Docs and I needed the phrase "desert cave" which I of course typed "dessert cave". This is interesting because in Google Docs dessert comes up with a red squiggly when it precedes cave (not here though so it's clearly not Chrome checking this spelling).

The real question: How does Google Docs know I want a cave in the desert and not a cave filled with cake, pie, and ice cream?

Normally I'll do a little research before I throw things up on the old blog, but this one was an interesting enough observation to get out there.

Update: I'm just behind the times apparently.