Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Game World

The Game World

So my friend John and I have created a little internet comic to help us kill time. John is the artistic and creative genius behind it. I just host it and throw in my 2 cents from time to time. It's fun for us, and I think that's what counts.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004



So today I realized I forgot all about having a blog. To get me back into the swing of things I decided to go with a simple post about folding@meatsock. The reason I do this is to help me keep track of how fast we are folding.

Date of last work unit: 2004-06-01 14:12:16
Total score: 20892
Overall rank: 5648 of 337567
Active processors (within 50 days): 19
Active processors (within 7 days): 10

In other geek news I moved the trailer up about four feet to maximize my shade coverage area. It's really starting to get hot here in Corpus, so I decided it was definitely time to maximize stuff. Also a new addition to the Geek Wagon is my pirate flag. It's the Jack Rackham Flag, better known as Calico Jack. He displayed cross swords instead of bones to show his willingness to fight. As a modern pirate, I can totally relate. Fight over priced software and the RIAA, arrrgh. I was going to put a link to a short bio of Calico Jack, but every one I read is dramatically different.