Saturday, May 22, 2004 Updates

Today I did some updates on I often wonder if anyone goes to the site, lol. If they do, I wonder if they know it's being hosted in an Airstream? Probably not, but these are the kinds of things I ponder.

Back when I was on livejournal I had a post about my computer naming scheme and how I came up with it. A few things have changed so I think I'll post an update, and I'll leave a description for computers that don't exist in my naming scheme yet. The first three are Truth, Love, and Courage. They are the three principals from with the eight virtues are founded on. They are also my three servers.

Truth (file server) - Truth is a PIII 733 MHz with a half a gig of RAM. She's got a 20GB hard drive for the operating system, a 0+1 RAID array that total's roughly 110GB and a separate 200GB hard drive. The idea here is to never loose anything, and have the space for whatever I may find I need space for. Obviously the RAID array is for important data, while the 200GB drive is just because I ran out of room. Future plans for this machine inclue another 200GB hard drive for data redunacy.

Love (web server) - Nothing fancey about this computer, all it does is host a web site I admin, The most crucial thing about it is that this one runs ClarkConnect, one of the many Linux distributions.

Courage (game server) - This computer doesn't exisit yet, but when I have a game server it will be named courage.

The next group are named after the eight virtues baised on the three principals. Details are in that live journal post on exactily how that works and what it is from.

Compassion (entertainment pc) - All it does is stream music, play divx videos from the file server, and play DVD's. It's got an all new output device; a television. I've found it too be great except when watching some of the lower quality divx videos.

Honesty (unknown) - Could possibly be my girlfriends computer name if she decides to fit in with my current computer naming scheme. So far she has not, none-the-less, this name will most likely stay reserved for her.

Valor (primary gamming machine) - This computers whole purpose in life is to game on. It consist of an AMD Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB of dual channel RAM with 18 Light up LED's no less, a GeForceFX 5900 Ultra, and a Western Digital Raptor hard drive. I realize most people may not care about these details, but there might be one or two people who like to hear about light up RAM. Future plans for this machine include an Athlon XP 3200+ and another Western Digital Raptor drive so I can stripe them.

Justice (unkown) - Justice was orriginally the name of my file server, but now it is just another name I leave reserved for future use.

Sacrafice (unkown) - Another reserved name...who knows what I'll use this one for?

Honor (secondary gamming machine) - Although not currently available on my network, this name does pop up from time to time; at least until I need the parts for something else. Some day, when I build a new gamming machine, the current machine called Valor will take this name.

Spirituality (Dell Axim 5 PDA) - Granted not a true PC, but still included in the naming scheme none the less. Mostly because if you look at raw processor power it's 67 MHz ahead of my laptop.

Humility (laptop) - It's been hanging in there for more than five years now. Without a doubt the runt of the bunch coming it at only a PII 333 and 160 MB of RAM. With the aid of an all new and improved 20GB laptop hard drive I found at work and PCMCIA wireless card, Humility is probably the most used PC in the Geek Wagon. Ironic huh?

Friday, May 21, 2004

Geek Memorabilia #2

Today's geek memorabilia is my first 1GHz Processor. It's an AMD Athlon, what at one time was considered a classic slot A.

I really liked this processor. It was good to me and is now very hard to find, but there is a sad story to this particular processor. In my early days of geekdom, I experimented with dual power supplies. The main ATX power supply for this particular computer was plugged into a UPS. The secondary AT power supply that powered all the extra fans, including the one on the processor, was not plugged into the UPS. One day, like many days, I went to work, and when I came home I opened the door to my small apartment and knew, as soon as the electrical burn smell slapped me in the face, that something had gone horribly wrong with my beloved 1GHz processor and the dual power supply experiment. To this day I kick myself for over looking something so trivial, but I learned two lessons.

1. Don't use the cool computer hardware for crazy new geek experiments.

2. Pay attention to what goes where and why. Basically, attention to detail is key...Especially when working on crazy new geek experiments.

I'm still going to keep this piece of geek memorabilia. For some reason I've got this idea I'm going to encase my 1GHz processor in plastic and display it in my home made geek museum. More likely than not this, one time bad boy, will sit in a box until I decide to reminisce again.

Thursday, May 20, 2004



Date of last work unit: 2004-05-20 05:15:35
Total Work Units: 450
Total score: 16264
Overall rank: 6958 of 333031
Active processors within a week: 10

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Geek Wagon Updates

For the first time in 6 years there is a TV in the same place I live. I dunno why I never had one after I moved away from home; I guess it wasn't important to me. Not only that, for the first time in my life I've got cable TV. Got to love Road Runner right? The cable guy told me all I needed was a splitter even though all I'm paying for is internet access. Today I found out I've even got HBO. I decided I'm just not going to ask any questions.

Also the file server is going to be upgraded with a 200GB hard soon as it arrives from It'll be nice to finally have the room for all these episodes of Star Trek I've been downloading.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I HATE Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Home Page

Let me start by mentioning how little I seriously use the word hate. I might jokingly say I hate something every now and again, but I'm not joking when I say I hate Wells Fargo.

I would also like to give a little bit of background on my relationship with Wells Fargo. I don't have a regular account with them. My checking account is at a bad ass bank, NetBank. All I have with Wells Fargo is a simple signature loan. One would think that when money is loaned, repaying that loan would be easy. Most people are very happy to take your money....Unless you're Wells Fargo. I walk into the local branch, only because online banking eludes them, and I walk up to the guy to make a payment. He was confused about the concept of a Visa check card that draws money directly from another banks checking account, but he attempted to run it none the less. It didn't work on the first try. I can understand that, it's an old card, it wasn't a "lack of funds" error, it was a simple read error. Immediately, he gives up and tells me I'm going to have to find another way to pay. I was like, "try it again man, it's an old card it doesn't always work on the first try." His second attempt ended in failure as well, no big deal, just key it in manually. "I'm sorry sir, our system doesn't allow for that." don't allow for that? What you don't want my money? It's bad enough that I'm standing in the financial institution I got the loan from and they can't tell me the amount owe this month (I have to guess I'm at least making the minimum monthly payment), or how much the total balance is, but you can't even key in a credit card manually? They cannot take my money on the internet, they cannot take my money on the phone, and now they can't take my money in person. My money must not be good enough for them. One would think that anyone who walks through the door, a bank would be more than happy to take their money. When I stand at a bank teller, I want to be able to make any kind of financial transaction possible. I should be able to give you my name, social security number, and my valid ID and/or drivers license, and I should be able to do anything. It's freakin' 2004, I am not going to go spend $2.50 to pull some cash out of an ATM to pay you guys because a BANK can't take a credit card. Nor am I going to write you a check...Checks are soooo 1999. I live in the 21st century, I should be taking care of this at home on my own time, not during your bank hours.

So yeah, all I have to say is I HATE Wells Fargo.

And I love my girlfriend, because she is the only girl sweet enough to make me feel better when I'm cranky.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Geek Memorabilia #1: Half a Stick of 64MB SDRAM

Today's geek memorabilia is one of great importance to me. Back in the day, a member of my North Carolia geek brethren and I, broke a 64MB stick of synchronous dynamic random access memory. I, more so than him, dubbed this our friendship stick of RAM, and so I carried this on my key chain for some time. Recently, after the third of four chips fell off and the hole broke, I decided it was time to retire this piece of memorabilia. It was a constant reminder to me of were I found my niche in life.

Life in the Trailer Park

Life in the trailer park is definitely good. Today I spent most of the day cleaning out the trailer making more room for the rest of the humanoid crew. Put some stuff in her storage shed, and now there is half a closet that is unused. While I was going through things I found a few geek memorabilia I'll probably post pictures of here so that I can throw them away but they'll not be lost. Living in a travel trailer forces one to throw a lot of stuff away, but I honestly like it that way. I'll probably be posting pieces of geek memorabilia in blogs.

My good friends John and Alisa came over and the four of us went swimming/hot tub chillin' here in the park. Then we all went over to my neighbor's place to have some dinner and watched The Simpsons. It was a pleasant laid back evening; it's like being on vacation everyday.

So this is an edit, I just read my girlfriends post and noticed it was pretty much a synopsis of the same day. Here is her view on the same events.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hacking for Jesus Christ

Hacking for Jesus Christ

So I game on with these people here in Corpus Christi because I like to do that, and my guess is the site administrator of pissed someone off.

Today marks two months since Agatha, one half the humanoid crew complement of the Geek Wagon, and I, the other half of the humanoid crew complement, started dating. To mark this occasion I decided not to go all out, but instead I kept it very simple. I got her hot chocolate and we went swimming; it's okay I made her wait at least half an hour after we had hot chocolate to go swimming so she was fine.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Resident Quadruped

I believe I have found a CSS I like, and with a little editing it will, over time, become my own.

The resident quadruped, also known as my cat, has been a little ill the past few weeks. I finally took him to the vet, which I would have done long ago had I been a little more observant. The vet gave him a shot in the butt and some pills. I think the pills were a joke, but for the past few days I've managed to get the majority of the pill powder in my cat. Today I found him actually running around and being a little bouncy like he used to be. I think he's feeling a little better. The vet was also kind enough to take care of the wound on his nose. I'm unsure how he got his nose bloodied up, but it doesn't surprise me with the way he's always sticking it places.

As for myself, I'm almost fully recovered from a sinus infection from last weekend. The rest of the humanoid crew complement, namely Agatha, seems to be feeling better too. Things are definitely looking up inside the Geek Wagon.

Meatsock -- Stay calm, we're professionals.

Meatsock -- Stay calm, we're professionals.

Right now I'm in the process of learning about cascading style sheets and what they can do for my blog. Until I figure it out all the way my blog might look a little funny while I experiment with all new and improved forms of html code and java script.

I thought I'd post a little something about too. I am the administrator for My friend Jimmy, also known as Googly Buttcheeks, is the admin for He recently made some changes to it that include image mapping. I believe this is his first bit of playing around with those, and I think it's pretty neat.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hard Drive Speakers

So yesterday at work John and I put forth effort to create speakers out of old hard drives. We have a lot of hard drives and free time. Sounds simple enough, all a speaker really consist of is a coiled wire and a magnet, but we had little luck with the whole thing. We got some streaming techno over our hard drive speaker for a short time and very quietly. None-the-less, it was a good waste of time and we made a mess while doing it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Today folding@meatsock hit 300 work units.

Date of last work unit 2004-05-12 11:12:20
Total score 13819
Overall rank (if points are combined) 7968 of 330018
Active processors (within a week) 10

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Making the Switch

My live journal

Thinking about making the switch from livejournal to Blogger. I see many advantages like no emotions and current music. Also the lack of friends linked to my journal would definatly be a move towards drama free. I'll mull it over for a few days and see what I come up with.