Sunday, May 16, 2004

Geek Memorabilia #1: Half a Stick of 64MB SDRAM

Today's geek memorabilia is one of great importance to me. Back in the day, a member of my North Carolia geek brethren and I, broke a 64MB stick of synchronous dynamic random access memory. I, more so than him, dubbed this our friendship stick of RAM, and so I carried this on my key chain for some time. Recently, after the third of four chips fell off and the hole broke, I decided it was time to retire this piece of memorabilia. It was a constant reminder to me of were I found my niche in life.

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. said...

I want the mouse chip! I want it because its sooo shiny...[beady eyes glitter] so if it doesn't work, I want it for my collection.

Ooh, I am such a raven.