Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hacking for Jesus Christ

Hacking for Jesus Christ

So I game on with these people here in Corpus Christi because I like to do that, and my guess is the site administrator of pissed someone off.

Today marks two months since Agatha, one half the humanoid crew complement of the Geek Wagon, and I, the other half of the humanoid crew complement, started dating. To mark this occasion I decided not to go all out, but instead I kept it very simple. I got her hot chocolate and we went swimming; it's okay I made her wait at least half an hour after we had hot chocolate to go swimming so she was fine.

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. said...

About that swimming.... I did enjoy teasing you about your general detour from the "cold" pool into the hot tub, it was rather cute. THough, I know I say so myself, that the pool was not cold. The laps were great for me, I haven't been able to swim around in well over a year from what I can recall. Thank you for the lovely two month anniversary, it was highly appreciated. As was the hot chocolate...*slow spreading smile*