Sunday, May 16, 2004

Life in the Trailer Park

Life in the trailer park is definitely good. Today I spent most of the day cleaning out the trailer making more room for the rest of the humanoid crew. Put some stuff in her storage shed, and now there is half a closet that is unused. While I was going through things I found a few geek memorabilia I'll probably post pictures of here so that I can throw them away but they'll not be lost. Living in a travel trailer forces one to throw a lot of stuff away, but I honestly like it that way. I'll probably be posting pieces of geek memorabilia in blogs.

My good friends John and Alisa came over and the four of us went swimming/hot tub chillin' here in the park. Then we all went over to my neighbor's place to have some dinner and watched The Simpsons. It was a pleasant laid back evening; it's like being on vacation everyday.

So this is an edit, I just read my girlfriends post and noticed it was pretty much a synopsis of the same day. Here is her view on the same events.


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