Monday, September 29, 2014

Steal These Ideas

September is almost over, and I've come up with many excuses to do something other than write this months post. I'm not going to lie, this month I'm cheesing it.

I've found several sites with a similar "steal my idea" theme. Usually they are bad ideas. Today I'm going to share my idea math. Copied and pasted from my journal:

Crazy Idea Math
Ideas are a dime a dozen, and anyone can come up with a dollar's worth in a day.

    $0.10       $1.00
    12 ideas    120 ideas
    100 are gibberish
    19 suck
    1 mediocre  --------\
    1/10,000 decent      }--- good ideas
    1/1,000,000 gold ---/

Based on that math, it will take $8,334 worth of ideas to get to the golden one. That's almost 23 years if you can do a dollar a day.

Writing Them Down
Writing down the mediocre ideas is the only way to accelerate the process, or at least increase the percentage of good ideas.

The bottom line is ideas are the easy part. Implementation is hard. I don't write down as much as I should, but in the "steal my idea" spirit I'm going to share a handful of my mediocre ones.... okay some are not even mediocre.