Monday, September 29, 2014

Steal These Ideas

September is almost over, and I've come up with many excuses to do something other than write this months post. I'm not going to lie, this month I'm cheesing it.

I've found several sites with a similar "steal my idea" theme. Usually they are bad ideas. Today I'm going to share my idea math. Copied and pasted from my journal:

Crazy Idea Math
Ideas are a dime a dozen, and anyone can come up with a dollar's worth in a day.

    $0.10       $1.00
    12 ideas    120 ideas
    100 are gibberish
    19 suck
    1 mediocre  --------\
    1/10,000 decent      }--- good ideas
    1/1,000,000 gold ---/

Based on that math, it will take $8,334 worth of ideas to get to the golden one. That's almost 23 years if you can do a dollar a day.

Writing Them Down
Writing down the mediocre ideas is the only way to accelerate the process, or at least increase the percentage of good ideas.

The bottom line is ideas are the easy part. Implementation is hard. I don't write down as much as I should, but in the "steal my idea" spirit I'm going to share a handful of my mediocre ones.... okay some are not even mediocre.

nth Gen Programming
* Machine code is all 1's and 0's.  
* Assembly is one to one, each line of code is a processor instruction.
* C++ and Java are high level languages  
* Libraries make high level languages easier to use  
* Frameworks can help us organize code  

Logically, one day I should be able to hit a key and an awesome program pops out.

Celebrate Your Cat More
Based on the idea that 7 cat years pass in one year (it's not that linear but hey), a website where you can enter your cat's birthday and it will give you a calendar with each date to celebrate the passing of a "cat year".

Quadracopter Home Defense
Quad-copters with tranquilizer darts and facial recognition that can be deployed in your house with the push of a panic button knocking out everyone who's not recognized. Sort it out later.

Some people have brought up the legal implications with this, but if I can shoot an intruder (I live in Texas!) I argue this is more humane.

Car Deflector
Some way to detect incoming rocks and shoot them down. Preferably with lasers.

Chrome Extension Spell Checker
A spell checker that forces you to rewrite the words you misspell. You know, instead of right clicking the same red underlined squiggly every time. Maybe I'll learn how to spell something.

Nested playlist
A play list that can contain other play lists, sub-play lists have their own settings (ie shuffle or not). I could have a media player play a tv show at random, but the show it chooses will play in order. Another example: I have a play list of every episode of Star Trek set to random. Then put two part episodes in a sub playlist so when they are randomly chosen the two-parters play in order.

Github Global Consciousness
At lunch I had a crazy idea to gather all the github statistics from every project. If global consciences is a thing maybe we all have lazy periods of low commits.

Incredibly Intuitive IP Recognition
13916930240  There is only one way to interpret this IP even though it is only 11 numbers. Starting with 13. forces the next number to be 91, and the next number to be 69 leaving too many digits for the last number. The first number would have to be 139. The next number would have to be 169, because the third number couldn't start with a 9.
         Both are valid, but one is more common. 

Mooncam Ads
Shoot a rocket to the moon with the goal of burying the nose cone (like planting a steak), then from the body sticking out, deploy a camera that looks back at the Earth. Deploy a small LCD screen just in view of the camera. Have a radio beefy enough to send back a signal. Have a website live-stream the camera feed and show ads on the little lcd screen.

It's a lot harder to get a rocket off the planet than I thought. Playing with OpenRocket I did not do well.


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