Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Redefining My Personal Blog

Long periods of time go by between posts, this is just something I've decided is just par for the course of most personal blogs. Besides, it's not like anyone reads them anyway.

I've been having fun playing around with websites lately; specifically One of the things I did with the domain was move my blog to a subdomain on It's time to redefine what I use this blog for.

  • Obscure Observations - The idea is to point out anything interesting not already on the Internet. Almost guaranteed to lead to short horrible posts like these examples.
  • Personal Achievements - Perhaps achievement is too strong a word. Things posted should be interesting in some fashion, but will end up being case mods or sketchup models of Rubik's cubes.
  • Helpful to Someone - Things I do, usually to help me figure it out in my own head, and make note of in hopes it might help someone. My only decent examples are financial, but maybe there will be post that branch out from that.
  • Rant - Who doesn't need to rant sometimes?