Monday, September 22, 2008

Bond, James Bond

Important James Bond fact: the total length of all the Bond films on DVD right now is 43.6 hours.  So if you plan to watch them all before Quantum of Solace get to it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Star Trek 3

We've all heard the theory that even numbered Star Trek movies are good and odd numbered ones are bad. For the sake of Star Trek 11 I hope things change, but today I'm here to argue for Star Trek III. Despite it's odd number, this is an enjoyable movie. I have logical arguments as to why.

  • This is the only Star Trek movie where an act of piracy is commeted.
  • This movie proves that the same man can play Dr. Emmit Brown and the most ruthless Klingon ever (the dude killed his own girlfriend just because she watched a video).
  • For the nerd, this movie is the reason Kirk got busted back down to captain. Thus fufilling his own best destiny once again as the captain of a starship.
  • It has this scene where Uhura puts some guy in his place.
The only real drag of the movie was replacing the actress that played Lt. Saavik. Why do they do that in movies when they could so easily write the old character out and write the new one in as a new, yet similar, character?