Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One of the goals for geekwagon.net was to master CSS well enough to make the site look similar across different web browsers. I had a rare opportunity to view it from Windows 2000 using IE6 at an amazing 16 colors. The thumbnail below (which isn't far from the screen capped resolution) is a screen shot of how it looked.

The only problems are all related to JavaScript (the +1 button and the advertisements), both of which I could care less about. Interesting enough was the JavaScript used to round the borders worked just fin in IE6.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Defining Jimmy's Law

Moore's law is one of those concepts often debated on whether is continues to apply to modern processors. Over the years I've noticed a different phenomenon and the other day, while installing a top of the line Intel Core i7, I made a law for it.

As the technology behind processors increases in power and complexity, the technology behind attaching the heatsink becomes flimsy and difficult to install.

I can only hope my law someday becomes a hot topic of debate with supporting evidence on both side. Even better, I hope the law becomes obsolete all together. However, the growing heatsink aftermarket could be solid evidence Jimmy's law will be around for a while.

Image courteously stolen from a webs site
that started with big red letters stating,
"WARNING: engineering defect in stock
Intel heastink/fan units for LGA socket."