Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Defining Jimmy's Law

Moore's law is one of those concepts often debated on whether is continues to apply to modern processors. Over the years I've noticed a different phenomenon and the other day, while installing a top of the line Intel Core i7, I made a law for it.

As the technology behind processors increases in power and complexity, the technology behind attaching the heatsink becomes flimsy and difficult to install.

I can only hope my law someday becomes a hot topic of debate with supporting evidence on both side. Even better, I hope the law becomes obsolete all together. However, the growing heatsink aftermarket could be solid evidence Jimmy's law will be around for a while.

Image courteously stolen from a webs site
that started with big red letters stating,
"WARNING: engineering defect in stock
Intel heastink/fan units for LGA socket."

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