Thursday, August 02, 2012

Beyond Spell Check

It's no secret my spelling is down right atrocious. I could argue the heavy use of spell checkers in most programs these days have made it easy for me to not focus on learning how to spell. I could argue that, but I'm not because there is no good excuse. An interesting development I have picked up on is I can almost create a complete list of words I can't spell because I've seen them with the red squiggly so often. In fact here is a short list of some in their raw form (yeah let's just totally point out how dumb I am):


The point of this post is not to point out how dumb I am. The point is I was typing in Google Docs and I needed the phrase "desert cave" which I of course typed "dessert cave". This is interesting because in Google Docs dessert comes up with a red squiggly when it precedes cave (not here though so it's clearly not Chrome checking this spelling).

The real question: How does Google Docs know I want a cave in the desert and not a cave filled with cake, pie, and ice cream?

Normally I'll do a little research before I throw things up on the old blog, but this one was an interesting enough observation to get out there.

Update: I'm just behind the times apparently.

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