Thursday, April 21, 2005

Open Source Legos

My original Lego post was a little premature. The observant Lego fanatic will notice there is no motorcycle on the motorcycle transport. From now on when I put Lego models up for download on my blog I'll be sure they're as close to complete as possible. Here is the new zip file.

The motorcycle wasn't originally included because, believe it or not, it wasn't on the official parts list. There is a voting system that uses to make parts "official." Anyone can send in a part, but if it hasn't received enough votes and an admin review it won't be listed in the official parts list that comes with the program. Anyone can still use any of the parts that have been submitted; they just have to be downloaded from either one at a time or all at once. The site recommends downloading unofficial parts one at a time, as needed. They've even included a search by keyword for those hard to find parts you can't quite put a name on.

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. said...

You made me a lego flower and that made me very happy. Even the forest to go with it. *BEAM*