Monday, April 18, 2005

Blog Changes

Made some changes to the layout of the old blog. Nothing drastic, but things worthy of a note. I changed the blog description and I'm sure everyone will notice the plagiarism. May be making changes to that later. I added a picture of an Airstream. No it's not mine; I took it strait off the Airstream website. Hopefully they won't mind. Also, I changed the link section up a bit by renaming it to "Everyday Links." I did this because these are web pages I go to everyday. The top three are not likely to change. Others, such as Trek United, may come and go as times change. I was very tempted to put a link to I Crap in a Box; by far the funniest blog I've ever stumbled across. I decided against it because it dosn't fit in the the 'everyday' of my "Everyday Links" theme. I did want to make a special note about this blog because of this particual post and it's personal nature.

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