Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Zoom Thing

I started looking into a service that will allow me to post pictures in my blog without relying on For those of you who don't know, is an old Pentium II that sits here in the Geek Wagon. Because of the Geek Wagon's mobile nature I don't like to be dependent on my own web server for pictures to function in my blog. really serves no other purpose than to give me the experience of playing around with a web server. I learned a lot about how the Internet works with that project.

In any case, there are a lot of options for those of us that need a place to host images. Blogger has one I didn't really look into called Hello. I chose Flickr for a few reasons.

#1. They weren't OS specific.
#2. Maximum PC's Will Smith uses it on his Mac blog, and he's slowly becoming my hero.
#3. They had check boxes dealing with zoom things.
#4. They are the only site in the whole of the Internet that I have ever seen with four options for Gender.

I admit it took a little playing around to master Flickr, but I like how it works. You can put in your blog information and make entry's to your blog from Flickr. For the rest of us that just need an address for our images, don't overlook the "all sizes" button. From there they give you your picture in a variety of thumbnail sizes, and an easy to copy text link of the image so it can easily be inserted into blogs and web pages alike. No more of that "this image hosted by anglefire" crap for me.

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. said...

Yes, I'll admit the zoom thingie and the other option was kinda funny. =) What else can one expect on the internet but lots of funny stuff.