Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Childhood Memories

I was shown something cool and new to play with. Open source software never ceases to amaze me, and ldraw.org is the perfect example of how cool free can be. They make cad-like programs for Legos. More accurately, a number of people from different groups make cad-like programs for Legos. To make along story short go here and download this. This is a simple Windows installer of everything you need to create Lego models and render them for images like I made here. I chose a model I remember from my past to start with. The Brickfactory is a great site to find scans of new and old Lego sets. In the spirit of open source I will make all my Lego models available for download (like it will get a lot of traffic). Here is the 6654 - Motorcycle Transport in a zip file with some other stuff.

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. said...

I say now... He had little lego pieces all over the floor and on his monitor. It was so cute to watch him rush back and forth while working on that program. CGI is one of the best things in the world, some day, I'll master it.