Monday, May 02, 2005

Trailer Upgrades

Trailer upgrades progress slowly but smoothly. MVC-550FStage one of the painting project is finished, that would be the refrigerator panels. The long and drawn out stage two, the cabinets around the refrigerator, is underway. I say long and drawn out because I'll probably be painting one cabinet door at a time.

MVC-553FThe other day I got this letter from the IRS and, apparently, it's been bumming me out a little. To cheer me up my girlfriend bought me a new toilet seat to go with the toilet of my dreams. It's all soft and cushiony on my tushiny. I must admit a perfect match the toilet and the new seat, but what excites me just as much as the new seat is what to do with the old one. I'm so thinking case mod!

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. said...

And I'm so thinking.... "Trash."

...Anyhow, I think I did a good job painting those panels for the fridge, its not really noticeable from the shots James took but the panels are actually a sky blue.

I did a good job!