Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Birthday Blog

9:14 this evening marks one year of using Blogger. I thought I would take a moment to say some nice things about Blogger and Google in general. I chose Blogger because it was part of the Google Tools. Over the years I've learned Google is the Midas touch of the internet. For those of you who dare to attempt to keep up with Google and all the cool things they do I highly recommend their blog (how cool is that, Google has an offical blog). Blogger is just one of the many cool things they do. Gmail, Picasa, Code, and Maps are all just the tip of the iceberg of cool Google toys. Perhaps in the future I'll go into more detail on all of these, but today is my blog's birthday.

I started a blog to practice my writing skills. I'm no real writer, but maybe one day. It is my dream to write articles for magazines like Maximum PC and CPU, or for websites like Tom's Hardware Guide and Arstechnica. I doubt my writing skills are on par with those guys, but everyone has to have goals. I do intend to go back to school for a journalism degree, and maybe by then I'll stand a genuine chance of achieving these goals. Until then, I'll be here throwing out my two cents on the topics I find interesting; waiting for the comments that remind me constructive criticism is a good thing.


Matt said...

Happy Birthday Geek Wagon

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Geek Wagon and may there be many more years of geek-filled content.


. said...

Congrats, you both posted before the girlfriend had a chance to... =P You're making me look bad!