Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Day

Today is Star Wars day. Today everything is different because of a movie. Some may think I'm speaking metaphorically about the end of the Star Wars story, but I'm not. Today is really different all because of Episode III. My friend and co-worker, John, is off today because he went to the midnight showing. My boss asked me to come in early this morning so that he and his son could go see it. For the first time in a long time the entirety of my normal day has been effected by a movie. I have no problems with this.

Also, this post marks the first time I've done something useful on a Linux install. I've used some Linux Live CD's such as Knoppix to retrieve data from a computer that wouldn't boot, but this is the first time I've successfully installed Linux onto a computer and the did something other than get frustrated and put Windows back on it. I even installed Firefox. I couldn't live without the "ctrl+enter" Firefox offers when typing in an address in the address bar. In all I'm a little proud of myself today too.

For the record, despite what Mr. Lucas says, I believe there will be an Episode VII, VIII, and even IX. Lucas may not direct it, it may have all CGI actors, and it might not happen for another 30 years, but I believe it will happen. When it does I hope we don't have to wait until Episode IX for something decent.


Matt said...

I don't know if you saw it but George Lucas made a press release in which he blamed the bad reviews which Episodes I and II got on a conspiracy of older people who are too devoted to the original movies and closed minded about new additions to the franchise.

It was amusing but rather pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The "ctrl + enter" shortcut is really nice. Thanks for mentioning it.

James said...

Personally I blame the bad reviews of 1 and 2 on the poor storyline, but it makes since. Mr. Lucas knew the story sucked at the beginning that's why he started at 4. I haven't seen 3 yet, but even before the reviews came out I guessed it would be a lot better than the last two. I mean 3 has to leave off where 4 picks up so it's bound to be interesting.

No problem, but if you like “ctrl+enter” try “shift+enter” and “crtl+shift+enter.” The ctrl one works in Firefox and IE, the others I think are specific to Firefox.

Rodry Logan said...

Thanks for the FireFox tips. I greatly appreciate them. Also,I think Old George may make more SW movies, if for nothing else but the money.