Monday, May 17, 2004

I HATE Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Home Page

Let me start by mentioning how little I seriously use the word hate. I might jokingly say I hate something every now and again, but I'm not joking when I say I hate Wells Fargo.

I would also like to give a little bit of background on my relationship with Wells Fargo. I don't have a regular account with them. My checking account is at a bad ass bank, NetBank. All I have with Wells Fargo is a simple signature loan. One would think that when money is loaned, repaying that loan would be easy. Most people are very happy to take your money....Unless you're Wells Fargo. I walk into the local branch, only because online banking eludes them, and I walk up to the guy to make a payment. He was confused about the concept of a Visa check card that draws money directly from another banks checking account, but he attempted to run it none the less. It didn't work on the first try. I can understand that, it's an old card, it wasn't a "lack of funds" error, it was a simple read error. Immediately, he gives up and tells me I'm going to have to find another way to pay. I was like, "try it again man, it's an old card it doesn't always work on the first try." His second attempt ended in failure as well, no big deal, just key it in manually. "I'm sorry sir, our system doesn't allow for that." don't allow for that? What you don't want my money? It's bad enough that I'm standing in the financial institution I got the loan from and they can't tell me the amount owe this month (I have to guess I'm at least making the minimum monthly payment), or how much the total balance is, but you can't even key in a credit card manually? They cannot take my money on the internet, they cannot take my money on the phone, and now they can't take my money in person. My money must not be good enough for them. One would think that anyone who walks through the door, a bank would be more than happy to take their money. When I stand at a bank teller, I want to be able to make any kind of financial transaction possible. I should be able to give you my name, social security number, and my valid ID and/or drivers license, and I should be able to do anything. It's freakin' 2004, I am not going to go spend $2.50 to pull some cash out of an ATM to pay you guys because a BANK can't take a credit card. Nor am I going to write you a check...Checks are soooo 1999. I live in the 21st century, I should be taking care of this at home on my own time, not during your bank hours.

So yeah, all I have to say is I HATE Wells Fargo.

And I love my girlfriend, because she is the only girl sweet enough to make me feel better when I'm cranky.


. said...

Apparently not if you still had enough of an urge to sit there and write up how much you hated Wells Fargo.

James said...

According to Webster it could be considered drama. A state, situation, or series of events involving interesting or intense conflict of forces, but I disagree, this is not drama, this is poor customer service. Maybe if you bank with them, and you're on the "in crowed" you're alright, but if you're just some random dude all I can tell you is good luck with these shmucks.