Saturday, July 09, 2005

New Goals

Work hard, live frugal, and buy a house; this is the plan of attack my girlfriend and I put into place on the drive home from Houston after the July 4th holiday weekend. As a guy/geek/gamer, I see wonderful advantages to a house over an Airsteam. The most obvious being LAN parties. We don't have a lot of money to fill a house with furniture, but tables, chairs, computers, and friends shouldn't be a problem. What better way to break in a new home than create an unmanageable web of CAT5? The geek in me wants a place to work on PC's. A spare room or garage that I can use to test out new toys and put some killer case mod ideas into action.
Trailer life is a lot of fun, I don't plan to sell the Airstream to meet our new house goal. When it was just me, and I didn't know anyone, trailer life had more advantages. Now as my girlfriend and I grow older it becomes more of a hassle to entertain the occasional guest in the limited space of a travel trailer.
I know my girlfriend has completely different ideas for our home. It is interesting to me our overall goal is the same, but our reasons vary quite drastically (i.e. I want to case mod she wants a garden).
Our short term goals, work hard and live frugal, are already in action. We've decided to do simple things like drink coffee in the morning instead of Mountain Dew because coffee is $3.29 a can and last weeks where 12 cans of soda cost $3.49 and lasts a day (no exaggeration). I've finally, in all my 25 years, learned the value of coupons. In an effort to work hard I've started doing laundry on a more regular basis, paying bills on time, and even playing with the idea of a second job.

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