Saturday, July 23, 2005

Honesty is the Best Policy

I recently read Google's Software Principles and to put it bluntly I was touched. A company the writes software and actually cares about the people that use this for real? Let me hit some of the highlights.

We believe any situation where multiple applications are being installed should be made very clear to users, so that if you were to ask them several months later - "What's this?" - most will know where it came from and why it is there.

Once an application is disabled or deleted, it should not remain active or be automatically enabled later by itself or another application.

This information should be presented in a way that a typical user will see and understand -- not buried in small print that requires you to scroll. For example, if the application is paid for by serving pop-up ads or sending your personal data to a third party, that should be made clear to you.

These are directly copy and pasted from Google's Software Principles. I feel like a very fortunate individual to work for an honest company. Google is clearly an honest company, and maybe one day other company's will follow these foot steps.

I was so touched by Google's Software Principles that I was compelled to send them an email letting them know they rocked.

I totally read your software principles policy and I wanted you to know that Google rocks. You may already know this, but I had to say something on the off chance you didn't.

That was my email. I'll post something here if I get a reply.

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Nice phrasing there in that email...