Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday Morning scheduled Maintenance

I wonder why it is every Tuesday morning I am awake at 6:30am and in a mood to play World of Warcraft. Partly, I'm sure, it's because I'm always in a mood to play World of Warcraft, but weekly maintenance just bites.

It's no secret I can't spell. On my blog posts were there are no misspellings readers can be assured I spent a lot of time running that post through multiple spell checkers and occasionally my girlfriend just to show that I have at least a little mastery of my language. This bring me to one of the only complaints I have about OpenOffice.org. The spell checker sucks. In Microsoft Word I could type in just about any concoction of letters and not only get the word I'm looking for but just about every variation on that word. In OpenOffice.org Writer I type in "Maintinence" and get everything from "Incontinences" to "Pertinence." Not a single alternative even starts with a M! Were as a quick Google search on "Maintinence" will quickly result in, "Did you mean: Maintenance?" (Side note: the blogger spell checker finds "Incontinences" as wrong even though I copied and pasted from OOo. Are you seeing now why it sucks to not grasp how to spell?)

Don't get me wrong, OpenOffice.org is great. In fact slashdot.org recently pointed me to this compare and contrast between OOo and MS Office. Despite the review, OOo is now my official office suit at home and work.

And speaking of cool things I've found on slashdot, allow me to spam some linkage and attempt to compensate for the lack of reading material on my blog.

Homebrew AC - This just looks like a fun project and being that I live in South Texas I'm all about ways to keep things cool while conserving kilowatt hours.
Who Will Google Buy Next? - I would like to publicly announce now that if Google is ever in the market for me I'm all about selling. This is a cool article because it also gives a brief synopses of who they've already bought. I didn't realize it was so many companies.
Google Site Ranking Secret - While I'm on Google, here's some recently released facts on how their site ranks work.
An Old Laptop Use - You can teach old laptops new tricks.
DVzine.org - This site has an informative web comic about the history of keyboards promoting the Dvorak layout.


. said...

I'll always be happy to be your personal dictionary and spell checker.

. said...

You didn't wake up yesterday at 6:30 am... In fact, you didn't even wake up until after you smelled the coffee brewing.

So cute.