Saturday, August 03, 2013

The End of Time

Thanks to everyone for the kind feedback about At Your Own Pace and especially to the contributors who pushed the project way beyond anything I could have done alone. It is flattering to be linked to by the comic.

Just because the comic ended doesn't mean we can't have any more fun with it. I realized I had all this data so I made a chart. It's not the greatest chart, but can be zoomed in by clicking and dragging. Also the chart fills up the window, so bigger the better (there are 3099 frames)

So what does it mean?

Hovering over each point will show some numbers. Here is an example from frame/point 1. Sorry the display is a little confusing.

(1, 37,411) Size: 4,322

Inside the parenthesis, the first number up to the first comma is the frame.

The second number is how much action that frame got according to Google Analytics during the month of July. If it is a large number, like this frame 1 example, the chart library is kind enough to throw in a confusing second comma. In this example fame 1 got 37,411 hits (that would be direct links to It should also be pointed out, frame numbers with four digits do not have a comma.

The Size: is the number of all time Yes votes the frame has received from the vote submission system. I almost deducted No votes, but that returned negative numbers I wasn't sure what to do with.

Bitly also records clicks and shares. I found their data difficult to work with in volume so it is not included on this chart.

Some of the data is predictable, but there are some interesting oddities.

The raw data, available on Google Docs, includes no votes. If anyone has an idea for a better chart or two (shouldn't be hard to get better than this) please share it. I'd like to see it too. I'll update the data in a couple of weeks, no doubt it will get interesting as Time goes on.


SzymonS said...

1. Would you kindly make bubbles clickable?
2. (At the bottom)
"3102 frames archived at - geekwagon's archive is missing three early frames. The complete sequence can be viewed starting from"
Just heads up, I don't mind.

James said...

1. I looked into that, but it required a lot of effort. I may implement it later.

2. The missing frames where not part of the "official" story and don't fit in with the sequence.

kevinnelson said...
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james anderson said...

Fascinating insights into the At Your Own Pace project's data! The chart adds a unique perspective, showcasing frame activity and vote counts. A creative way to continue the fun even after the comic's end.
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