Saturday, May 25, 2013

AYOP Updates

All my blog posts have been about my At Your Own Pace project, but that's what sucks up most of my free time these days. Today I decided the acronym, AYOP, is pronounced a-ya-op (almost like awop but with a y instead of a w).

Big news today, the database version of the site is now the default. It was set up separately for testing and a number of people sent good feed back on it. It sucked much less than I expected. Now anyone can vote for frames to be special. I've also set up a section below the comic image that shows how many votes a frame has received and whether or not it is a debated frame. Currently there are only a few debated frames; 1503 and a couple in the low 1400's are the only I know of. They're subject to change as people vote.

Photo courtesy of my girlfriend who loves pink.
In addition to that, now there is a mobile site (that link works for desktop users too, but be warned you're going to see some huge stick figures). It's not much but it shows the comic at 100% width and has larger navigation buttons. I've only got two mobile devices to test it on, so it might not be great. Added bonus: it comes with massively reduced features; no preloading, no image difference, no auto play, no nifty panels that open and close.

The mobile redirect uses a script from, which is a nice service. I had no idea how to redirect for a mobile device and that was the first search result I found.

Finally, two new panels at the bottom that show all frames for the last 24 hours or the last week, for quick ketchup.


Anonymous said...

The ayop seems to be broken :(

James said...

Dreamhost was having issues yesterday. The cronjob missed 2051 (It only checks 12 times an hour), but I put it in manually yesterday afternoon.

lassehp said...

Thank you so much for making it possible to keep up with Time in such a pleasing way. AYOP is so cool, and I suppose it could be modified to suit many different purposes. Great tool you have designed!


viracocha303 said...

This is so awesome! Great work.