Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gingerbread House Competition 2012

The annual gingerbread house contest was back in full force this year. The theme was haunted houses. My brother and I both had the idea to do a dry ice smoke effect (which was funny). This was the first year both houses were good; I'm glad the voting was left up to attendees of the family Christmas party.

He won the over all contest by a single vote. I feel I beat him on the engineering of the dry ice effect though. No doubt the victor deserves their win.

There are a few highlights posted below of the testing, construction and finished product, and the whole photo album (with a surprising number of bald spot shots) can be found here. There are a few pictures of the destruction in the album too, but the video better captures the explosions... I'll post that when I get a chance.

My Gingerbread House: Dr. Frankenstein attempts to summon the Christmas Spirit.

My Brother's house (and the winner).

Dry ice testing.

Some construction.

Finished products at the party.


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james anderson said...

The gingerbread house competition sounds like a blast! The dry ice smoke effect adds a spooky touch. Congrats to your brother for winning by a vote. Both houses look fantastic!
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