Friday, October 26, 2012

Clean and Thrifty 0.9: A Scouting WordPress Theme

I am now an assistant scoutmaster at my old troop. It's considered volunteer work where I get to go camping and have fun. How can you lose? Helping them is also yields opportunities for me, in this case I have a chance to hone my--still developing--web design skills.

Troop 1865's Web Page
To be honest, they don't have a huge need for a web page. I believe the calendar is the only thing that might get looked at. I opted to use WordPress because it is easy to maintain, make changes, and it's a platform I'm familiar with. The first thing I noticed was a lack of "Scouting" themes. After the basic page was up and running I started working on my first WordPress theme.

I am ecstatic with the end result. It turned out much better than I imagined (I did not set my sights high). One of the parts I'm particularly proud of is the footer. It makes use of the code tidbits from CSS Sticky Footer, a little JavaScript (in the form of jQuery), and some minor MSPaint skills. The theme uses the official Scouting stationary image, and because it is so large (2636px wide) the JavaScript randomly changes it's CSS background x position. The only bummer was the ends of the image didn't line up to form a nice loop. I fudged some mountains together that turned out pretty good, but I'm not thrilled with the rope. Maybe I'll do something about that in the next version, but I am no artist.

After some code clean up I'll call it version 1.0, but for now it's good enough to use. I hope to add some interesting features to it in the future.

It is available on github and open to the public domain.

You can see it in action at

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