Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That Light-bulb is Around here Somewhere

Finally got around to revamping's main page with my new "structure is important" goal in mind. The more I get to know PHP the better I understand how powerful it can be. My infinite noobness actually had me going to all the pages and making changes. This was fine for a while, when I had 2 pages. Now that I am expanding and learning I know I can have a file named head.php with the line

link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""

Then when or if I ever want to change my style sheet I don't have to go and change it on every page. Every page I make just does a file_get_contents. Then if I want to try a new style sheet just go change the line in head.php.

I'm sure I'm the last person on the planet to figure this out. It also feels like I'm reinventing WordPressAlbeit, a really simple version for slow people like myself. Either way, I am learning and that is what is important.

Side note: omgthx for updating post interface Blogger/Google/whoever you are. We can write post using most of the browser window instead of that little useless box!

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