Friday, March 14, 2008

Lottery Ticket

I don't play the lottery. The Texas Lottery was created so that we don't have to pay more taxes (like an income tax). So, if I don't play the lottery, I'm not paying taxes. By not playing, I win. Despite all this, I found a coupon for a free lottery ticket. A free lottery ticket is arguably not a gamble.
I think I get the lottery now though. It's not about winning, but about the anticipation of not winning. I won't find out for another four hours if I win anything. I'm pretty sure I won't see a dime of the 59 million jackpot, but so far I've had a blast talking to my co-workers about what I would do with a lot of money. We even talked about what we could do with the measly ten thousand I could win if I hit five of the six numbers. Over all it has been fun. I guess it will be all over when I find out I don't win jack.


Tina said...

I don't play the lottery here. Gotta save my money. :) Its a fairly new thing here in Jacksonville though.

BTW, its Tina! I just wanted to say hi. HI! Ok, BYE!! :)

James said...

Somehow I knew it was Tina, but I don't check my comments too often (I don't get them too often). I talk to Ryan on a semi-regular basis; I'll get your email from him. I seem to have.... misplaced it.

Tina said...

Heh...No biggy. I honestly didn't expect you to still have it. I happened upon this when I was going through some old links I had saved. Anyhoo, hope you are doing well. I'm off to cut out like 800 sets of bunny parts for my kids. See ya