Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Saving Money in 2008

On my last trip to my parents house I grabbed my old bicycle. The idea is to ride it to work and save some gas. Not that I really think my short ride to work will really save the environment, but I know it will save me some money. If my guesses are close, I could save about $150 a month in gas money.

I also get a little bit of a work out. I see this as a cool trade off because I really have a hard time exercising. I actually like to exercise, I just feel like it is a time waster. How can a treadmill not feel like a waste of time? Riding to work, on the other hand, is exercise with a purpose. I like exercise like that. I should try to find more of that kind of exercise.

I've ridden to work twice now and I can see there are a few bike upgrades I would really like to get my hands on. First of all, a new seat. I don't recall bike seats being that hard, but I was 12. Now I'm 28 and desire a squishy soft seat with big springs to protect my tush from all those bumps and dips in the road. There are millions of bumps and dips between my place and work.

The other thing I need is some kind of storage compartment. I found a behind the seat platform with bungee cords, but it doesn't fit where it is supposed to. I may have to do some rigging to make that work. If I can rig that, I'll have a place to store lunch and small things I need to take between work and home. Bringing lunch to work will save me a lot more than a little gas money.

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