Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Debunking the Myths

When I said soon I wasn't kidding. Here is my second paper. As stated in the last post this is an argumentative that argues for the advantages of open source software over proprietary commercial software.

This time I did not loose any points for work cited problems. It was an A+, but for those of you that might actually look up my sources, take them with a grain of salt. Although there is no plagiarism, I'm pretty sure I might have mixed up some sources with what I actually cited. This, of course, is not something that the teacher would catch in grading because I'm sure she does not go and read every source on every students paper. For the ones I got wrong I apologies. I thought about going back and fixing them all, but instead I think it would be more appropriate to share this in its original form.


Soon we'll be doing our third project, which is actually a presentation. For my presentation I will obviously do a PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint is all that is available in the class room), and instead of a pamphlet I plan to actually pass out a CD with some open source software on it. One of those mini CD's people will think is cool. I'll post the presentation here, and if I can find a place to host it, the iso of the CD.


WVCoachlvr said...

Spell check is a glorious thing. Just happened to stumble upon this one day. Glad to see you're in school and doing well overall.
Take care,
Blast from the Past

Unknown said...

Hey buddy, the local techno-files, videographers, and musicians are collaborating on putting together a media site. Hopefully it will be up in January. We are in the development and brainstorming phases right now. I'll make sure there is a place for you there. You can post anything you want. I'll get you networked with the local techs. Everyone is going to admire your work, and it is quite likely you may be impressed by the work the local peeps can do.

James said...

HEY Comments!

Thanks for the positive feed back. I know spell checking is one of my biggest weaknesses :(

Felix, you know I'm interested.