Friday, September 28, 2007

Sock Paradox

In my sock draw are only two types of socks. A white short normal sock with gray heals and toes, and a white ridiculous tall sock that goes to my calf. I have an unspecified ratio of these two socks, but I have many of each. I don't fold my socks. I don't sort my socks. I just throw them in the draw and when I need them I start pulling out socks one by one knowing that I will never have to pull out more than three socks to get a pair.

One would think that some days I get a pair on the first two tries, and some days I have to pull out three before I get my pair. This is not the case. Every day I have to pull out three socks before I get a pair. I wonder why this is? I cannot find a paradox on Wikipedia that explains this phenomenon. Maybe one time, long ago, before I kept track I might have only had to pull out two. But now that I've noticed, it never fails, no matter how many socks are left I have to pull out three before I get a pair.

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