Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging Away Debt

This morning on my way to work I heard an article on NPR about debt and they made mention of Blogging Away Debt. At first I thought this idea was ridiculous. Opening up financial records for all the world to see how much you suck at managing money. In hind sight, and after reading a little bit, I realize it's the kind of thing that helps keep you honest with yourself. Of course it goes against everything I was tough by my parents about money. It's the kind of thing you're not supposed to talk about; it's not polite. As a counter argument, as a whole, we as people learn from not only our past, but from each other. If no one talks about how they manage their money, how will we learn from each others mistakes?

As good as my own argument is, I've chosen to start blogging a bit about my financial life. Not because I want others to learn from it (although I hope someone can), but because it will help keep me honest and stay on track with my financial plan. I'll be the first to admit, my financial life isn't interesting enough to make an entire blog out of, but I'm thinking at least a once a month post. Hopefully this will also help keep me interested in my blog. It's also an excuse to start using the post labels feature in Blogger, which is new to me. I even took the time to go add labels to all posts for this year (not many post).


Anonymous said...

"Opening up financial records for all the world to see how much you suck at managing money."

I'd change that up a bit, and say "used to suck." ;-)

All the best with blogging a bit about your financial life. As you mentioned, it is a way to keep yourself honest and accountable.

James said...

Wow I got a comment and from Tricia no less. I'm flattered I have a reader.

I will try not to suck at managing money now that I'm posting about it.

BTW: thanks for reading :)