Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wii Virtual Console

I haven't posted about the Wii yet in my blog, mostly because I've been too busy playing it. With the came virtual consoles, emulators for older games. One of the most recent editions, and my first experience with a virtual console, was the original Super Mario Brothers.

Of course it was great to play this game again on a console, the game was 100% intact, bugs and all. One of the first things I did was go tobut what I found interesting is that the "minus world" which was pretty much the only trick I knew until I did a quick search on Google.

Apparently, there are a number of glitches in the game that have been found, and so far every one of them works on the Wii version.

As exciting as all this was for me to discover first hand, the Wikipedia article for Super Mario Brothers beat me to it.


. said...

As mentioned last evening, you noticed the difference from the US version of the game to the Japanese version was their version have three levels to the minus world whereas we have one.

Now I begin to theorize that this was intentional and not coincidental as it is believed in certain places.

Next up! Does the Japanese version of the Wii Virtual console of this game ALSO have three levels or one like the US version?

James said...

I'd imagine that the Japanese virtual console would retain the original game just like the US version. My guess is they actually take the original ROM's, an electronic image of the original game cartridge, and create an emulator for each game so that it plays on the Wii. Unlike emulators for computers that will play any ROM.

I think they do this for two reasons. First of all it explains why they release each game individually over time. Second it insures that each game will play just like it did on it's original hardware (and in some cases better).