Monday, November 06, 2006

Compaq Presario SR1365CL

Just one more computer in a long line of computers with a bad hard drive. It is interesting to me that they seem to come in clumps. Months will go by and no computer problems are hard drive related, than all of a sudden within a week we replace a half dozen bad hard drives.

We're a really small computer repair shop and only carry two hard drives in stock for replacements, an 80GB IDE and a 250GB SATA. To date the two we carry have always been perfect for replacement drives. Every customer that just wants to be cheep and get their computer back up and running goes with the 80GB, and of course every computer has an IDE interface. Then, every customer that wants to either upgrade, or replace with a similar size hard drive, goes with the 250GB. Fortunately every customer who wants a 250 GB has always had a SATA interface available. I don't know if this is coincidence or we actually came up with probable replacement options for the majority of computers that come through the shop with just two hard drive options.

Then again, now that I've made this blog post, I'm sure we'll be special ordering a hard drive for someone that falls outside of the two categories I've come up with.

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