Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Geek Wagon Vs Rita

I think it's safe to say that Rita, or any other hurricane for that matter, will never come face to face with the mobile might of the Geek Wagon. It's been over a year since the Wagon has hooked up and gone somewhere else, and to be honest I was glad to see we were in a recommended evacuation area because it was long past due for the Geek Wagon to roll up the awning and ride. And ride she did, for 382 miles.
We did not originally intend to travel that far for a hurricane, but the combination of the last Gulf Coast hurricane and that most humans live in fear, every trailer park between Corpus and San Angelo was booked. This made me wonder if I lived in fear like most humans do? After 382 miles of contemplating this idea I came to the conclusion that, although I evacuated like everyone else, my plan was the same well before Katrina hit New Orleans. The plan has always been simple no matter where the Geek Wagon resides. Natural disaster = Geek Wagon goes somewhere else. Doesn't matter if it's an earth quake, tropical storm, volcano, or a category 5 Hurricane named Rita. I see it as a simple plan that can only be executed by the mobile life style.
In the end it turned out Corpus didn't even get a drop of rain from Rita, and I was criticized for my decision to leave (by the few that didn't leave). I'm glad I did though. I got a four day vacation on a weekend that there was nothing going on where I work. This means no one called me to ask me questions while I was on vacation, and this was only possible because most everyone else wasn't in Corpus just like me.
For the record, San Angelo is a great town. It's not huge like San Antonio, Houston, or Corpus, and it's not a backwards hick small town either. The reason it was really great, at the moment I'm writing this, according to weather.com, Corpus Christi feels like 84. Keep in mind this is 8am too. San Angelo feels like 65.
I'll post pictures of the trip as soon as I get a chance.


. said...

Picture are on my laptop. Beautiful pictures of the trailer attached to his truck basking in the sun in San Angelo.

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Oh, and in reality, the trip was more than 382 miles. On the way past 281 we took a slight detour around San Antonio to avoid any possibility of traffic and went from 281 to the side road that went in a semicircle of SA then up to 87 =) Back on path.