Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Floppy Disk Becoming Relic of the Past

Yahoo! News - Floppy Disk Becoming Relic of the Past

I've been complaining about floppies for years; they so need to go somewhere else. There are two things in particular I can think of right now that, in most cases, can only be done with a floppy. Flash your BIOS and install Windows XP on unsupported controllers. Well that latter there is a work around, but it's still a pain. Some motherboard manufactures have moved to alternative means to flashing a BIOS. I've been fortunate enough to use Gigabytes web update BIOS flash utility. That's a trip and a half when you're used to using a boot disk to do it (and cross your fingers the power doesn't go out lol).

Unfortunately, as a computer repair technician, most of the stuff I work with is way behind the times. Even if all computer manufactures start making computers without floppies, it'll be a long time before I don't see them any more. Hell, I still get the occasional 5.25" floppy disk drive around here.


. said...

Yeah.... like the one sitting inside my computer that I use.... or the weirder one in your laptop....speaking of which.. I wonder if that other one has one too?

James said...

I'll have you know the one in my laptop is an LS-120 Drive. You have one because your camera puts pictures on a floppy.

. said...

...so does yours....and don't forget that.

James said...

I have a camera that puts pictures on a floppy, yes; that's why my laptop has an LS-120 Drive, duh.